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  The Guardian Click Here for prices

Visible: Guardian Beacons: Flashing or Steady On  
Includes Belt Clip, (2) CR-2032 Wrapped Batteries

Programmable Visible: Mockingbird® Guardians

Infrared Guardian: Flashing or Steady On:
 Programmable Mockingbird® IR Guardian: (call for more info)

Adventure Lights Guardian is the lightest, brightest, toughest light in its class. This light, unlike its competitors, is visible from all si(omni-directional) and extremely impact resistant. In addition, the Guardian is very lightweight and will not restrict movement. The product comes with a variety of attachments that can be fastened to either the user or to the equipment.

The Guardian is rugged, easy to use and can be seen for over 5 Km/3.1 Miles. With its dual function of flashing and steady on modes, the Guardian can offer over 250 hours of use. Whether on a dark highway with a road crews or commercial fishing, the Guardian is the one light to have when you must be seen. Waterproof to 300’ and an operational range from -40° to 50°C.

Guardian Models

52101 Guardian, Infrared Dual Function, NSN: 6210-20-003-3544  
Includes Belt Clip, (2) CR-2032 Wrapped Batteries
57187 Guardian,
Infrared MockingbirdNSN: 6210-20-004-4285 Programmable  
Includes Belt Clip, (2) CR-2032 Wrapped Batteries


     The Guardian™ Mockingbird™ can be programmed in the field using any IR light source or standard white flashlight. This light can copy and transmit any IR or white signature that is put in front of it; with up to twenty seconds of recording time the possibilities are endless. The Guardian™ Mockingbird™ can also clone itself to another IR Guardian™. or any of our cutting edge VIPIR™, Mockingbird™ or Quantum ™ products. By simply flipping the battery the user can easily and safely switch between programming and transmission mode.


Waterproof to 300 Feet

Keep track of Dive Buddies or mark locations. Clip to your pet's collar for safety on walks or to your children's backpack on their way to school.


Size: 1.5"  x 1.25" x 1"
Weight 0.7 oz. w/ Battery & Clip
Visibility (Clear Night) Yellow: 0.5 miles
Red: 1.0+ miles
Green: 1.0+ miles
Blue: 0.25 miles
White: 0.25 miles
LED Life 44+ years
Battery Life Steady-On: 100 Hrs
Flash: Up to 250 Hrs
Battery Type CR-2032, CR-2016 Lithium Batteries


52000 Guardian, Dual Function, Yellow (Amber)
Includes Belt Clip, (2) CR-2032 Wrapped Batteries

57180 Guardian, Yellow Mockingbird, Programmable




52001 Guardian, Dual Function, Red
Includes Belt Clip, (2) CR-2032 Wrapped Batteries

57181 Guardian, Red Mockingbird, Programmable



52002 Guardian, Dual Function, Blue
Includes Belt Clip, (2) CR-2032 Wrapped Batteries

Blue Mockingbird, Programmable  

55012 Guardian, DF Blue, w/Carabineer & Key Ring
2 Remaining


52003 Guardian, Dual Function, Green
Includes Belt Clip, (2) CR-2032 Wrapped Batteries

57183 Guardian,
Green Mockingbird, Programmable

55013 Guardian, DF Green, w/Carabineer & Key Ring

52004 Guardian, Dual Function, White
Includes Belt Clip, (2) CR-2032 Wrapped Batteries

57184 Guardian,
White Mockingbird, Programmable




* Twist cap clockwise until light comes on.

* To turn light off, twist cap counter-clockwise until light turns off.

* To change batteries, twist cap counter clockwise until colored cap separates from base. Replace batteries. Screw cap back on. Batteries available at most retailers

* To change from Flash Mode to Steady On, Remove cap and turn battery over

* To change from Steady On to Flash Mode, Remove cap and turn battery over


This product is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year.
Should the product fail for any reason other than abuse or battery expiration, return it for free repair or replacement.



* Reusable time after time

* A simple twist of the cap turns the light on and off 

* Operates in temperatures ranging from -20 C to +50 C

* Waterproof up to 100 meters and even floats upright!

* Environmentally friendly


Light Output Changes from Steady-On to Flash mode, simply by turning the battery over
* Light can be seen up to .6 miles (1 km) in darkness 

* Steady-on mode provides up to 100 hours of operational light on one battery

* Flashing mode provides up to 250 hours of operational light on one battery

* Operates in temperatures ranging from -20 C to +50 C

* Lifetime bulb (up to 100,000 hours)

* Uses an eye safe LED


* Height impact and scratch resistant

* Weighs only 0.9 oz with batteries installed

* Size: 1.5"  x 1.25" x 1"

* Multiple Adapters and Accessories

* Customized Flash Patterns

* User Programmable "Mockingbird" Beacons available in 5 visible colors and IR


Guardian Accessories Click Here for prices

99001 Universal Mount NSN: 5340-20-002-3146 (Guardian Not Included)

The Guardian, VIP Beacon or Lazer Stik attaches to the mount and allows it to be pivoted 180°in 11°steps. The mount can sit flat on hard ground with it’s retractable legs and provide a stable base. It can also be hammered into soft ground with it’s built in spike. There are also holes for nails/spikes or you can use the brackets for straps Like the Guardian, the universal mount is unmatched in both form and function.


49001 Magnetic Base (Guardian Beacon Not Included)
(Flashing) - Great for vehicle surveillance
(Steady-on) Secure inside the vehicle for surveillance photo's using Night Vision Cameras.

Work light for changing a tire or working under the hood...can be placed solidly on most metal surfaces...Bright Solid White Light lasts 100 Hours and 250 Hours for Flashing Models...Bright Red Flasher will warn motorists at night or bring help should you get stranded


49002 Velcro for Helmet Attachment (Guardian Beacon Not Included)
These simple two sided Velcro attachments allows for the easy installation of the Guardian on helmets as a headlamp.



49003 Velcro Strap 6"
This small black Velcro band allows for the attachment to most dog collars and harnesses.



49004 Velcro Strap, 12" Wrist/Ankle Strap (Guardian Beacon Not Included) This comfortable black Velcro strap, which attaches to the base of the Guardian, can be fastened to the arm or wrist for running and visual I.D., as well as such things as backpacks, footwear, bicycles, etc.

49005 Bike Attachment (Guardian Beacon Not Included)
This articulating clip allows for the easy mounting on most bicycles, Using the attached “O” ring, it is easily removed and very rugged. Built for extreme conditions, this bike mount will last for years


49005-Kit Bike Lighting Kit *SALE PRICED $36.99*while supplies last
Includes (2) Bike Attachments, (1) 52001 Red Beacon, and (1) 52004 White Beacon. Recommended configuration is a steady on White Guardian on the front frame and a flashing red on the seat post.




49006 Adj. Elastic Head Strap (Guardian Beacon Not Included)
This comfortable black band can be attached to any Guardian to make an effective head light.




49006-1 Adj. Elastic Head Strap w/Quick Release Buckle (Guardian Beacon Not Included) This comfortable black band can be attached to any Guardian to make an effective head light.



49007 Keychain & Backpack Velcro Strap & Hook (Guardian Beacon Not Included)

This attachment has a plastic hook clip on a black Velcro strap and is ideal for attaching to backpacks, hiking gear, sleeping bags, etc.


49012 Helmet/Vest Marker Tag for (1) Guardian (Guardian Beacon Not Included)
For identification of different groups in a crowd control situation, riot, manifestation.





49013 Helmet/Vest Marker Tag for (2) Guardians (Guardian Beacon Not Included)
For identification of different group in crowd control situation, riot, manifestation.




49014 Reflective Printed Tag (2"x3"), Choice of EMS, K-9, etc (Guardian Beacon Not Included)
For identification of different group in crowd control situation, riot, manifestation.


49020 Dog Collar Attachment (Guardian Beacon Not Included)
A must for all working and hunting dogs. It is light, comfortable, waterproof and will not hinder your dog’s performance


Survivor Series w/White High Output SOLAS
The Omni-directional (visible from all sides) Guardian Survivor is the brightest Guardian to date and extremely impact resistant. Once water activated or with a simple pull pin, the Guardian will flash brightly for hours, making it the perfect addition to any PFD and survival suit. The unique pull pin design also allows for manual interaction. To deactivate the beacon for future use, simply restore the plug.
Dependable and easy to use, the Guardian Survivor Series is by far the best bang for your buck.

49010 (2) CR-2032 Batteries, Wrapped
Two (2) CR-2032 cells are used in all Guardian™ models


Guardian Beacon/Lazer Stik Prices
**** Prices Subject To Change Without Notice ****
Dual Function (Steady-On/Flash) - Visible Guardians  NSN  Gov't List
52000 Guardian Dual Function - Yellow  6210-20-002-8721  $17.28 $18.00
52001 Guardian Dual Function - Red 6210-20-002-8722 $17.28 $18.00
52002 Guardian Dual Function - Blue 6210-20-002-8723 $17.28 $18.00
52003 Guardian Dual Function - Green 6210-20-002-8725 $17.28 $18.00
52004 Guardian Dual Function - White 6210-20-002-8726 $17.28 $18.00
52101 Guardian Dual Function Infrared Smoke Lens 6210-20-003-3544 $27.48 $28.65
Programmable Mockingbird - Visible Guardians  NSN  Gov't List
57180 Programmable Mockingbird Guardian - Yellow 6210-20-004-2908 $54.36 $56.69
57181 Programmable Mockingbird Guardian - Red 6210-20-004-3113 $54.36 $56.69
57182 Programmable Mockingbird Guardian - Blue 6210-20-004-3114 $54.36 $56.69
57183 Programmable Mockingbird Guardian - Green 6210-20-004-3115 $54.36 $56.69
57184 Programmable Mockingbird Guardian - White 6210-20-004-3116 $54.36 $56.69
57187 Guardian Infrared Mockingbird (user programmable) 6210-20-004-4285 $66.30 $69.15
Guardian Trident * NEW *  NSN  Gov't List
46001 Trident Mockingbird CQB IR Dual Spectrum, Programmable 6210-20-004-2908 $90.20 $94.10
46002 Trident, Dual Spectrum, 1 IR/1 GRN, Blk 6210-20-004-3113 $90.20 $94.10
46004 Trident Mockingbird CQB Red/IR Dual Spectrum, Programmable 6210-20-004-3114 $90.20 $94.10
46008-7 Trident, Dual Spectrum, IR/GRN, 6 Function, Reverse Polarity, Black Housing 6210-20-004-3115 $90.20 $94.10
Guardian Survivor Series  NSN  Gov't List
58020 Survivor Light, Sealed Battery, Water Switch   $100.16 $104.49
58050 Survival, Yel Case, 1 Amber LED, Replaceable Battery   $101.61 $105.94
 Optional Guardian Attachments  NSN  Gov't List
49030 Belt Clip - Guardian 8465-20-004-2837 $1.98 $2.05
49001 Magnetic Base - Guardian 5340-20-004-2860 $6.23 $6.49
49002 Velcro For Helmet Attachment 8315-20-004-2841 $5.03 $5.24
49003 Velcro Strap 6" 8465-20-004-2904 $5.03 $5.24
49004 Velcro Strap 12"  8315-20-004-2842 $5.03 $5.24
49005 Bike Attachment 6210-20-004-2906 $9.22 $9.61
49006 Head Strap with Bracket 6239-20-002-8728 $9.22 $9.61
49006-1 Head Strap with Quick Release Buckle 5850-20-005-0270 $9.22 $9.61
49007 Keychain & Backpack Velcro Strap & Hook 8315-20-004-2843 $6.23 $6.49
49012 Helmet/Vest Marker Tag for 1 Guardian 8315-20-004-2844 $18.18 $18.96
49013 Helmet/Vest Marker Tag for 2 Guardians 8315-20-004-2845 $19.60 $20.45
49014 Reflective Printed Tag (2'x3"), EMS,K-9, C-4 etc   $20.57 $21.45
49020 Dog Collar Attachment   $7.89 $8.22
 Batteries  NSN  Gov't List
49010 Batteries Lithium, (2 CR2032 Cells Wrapped), 4 Pack 6135-20-004-9822 $7.30 $7.61
 Lazer Stik - Dual Function   Gov't List
14000 Lazer Stik Dual Function Yellow   $14.03 $14.56
14001 Lazer Stik Dual Function Red   $14.03 $14.56
14002 Lazer Stik Dual Function Blue   $14.03 $14.56
14003 Lazer Stik Dual Function Green   $14.03 $14.56
14004 Lazer Stik Dual Function White   $14.03 $14.56
14101 Lazer Stik Dual Function Infrared   $16.91 $17.57
 Lazer Stik - Steady On   Gov't List
18000 Lazer Stik AA Steady On - Yellow   $16.91 $17.57
18001 Lazer Stik AA Steady On - Red   $16.91 $17.57
18002 Lazer Stik AA Steady On - Blue   $16.91 $17.57
18003 Lazer Stik AA Steady On - Green   $16.91 $17.57
18004 Lazer Stik AA Steady On - White   $16.91 $17.57
18101 Lazer Stik AA Steady On - Infrared   $22.21 $23.08
 Lazer Stik Batteries and Accessories  NSN  Gov't List
90005 Batteries Alkaline LR44 Drop-in, price/cell   $0.93 $0.96

Other Lighting products of interest

VIP (Visual Identification Projectors) Beacons
The VIP is the pinnacle of portable emergency lighting and signaling
 Where positive visual identification is essential.


AA Steady On Lazer Stiks DC'd *Limited to Stock on Hand
The PowerGrip is a steady-on only version of the Lazer Stik that can be seen over 2 Km / 1.2 Miles and will provide over 50 hours of bright light using common AA batteries.


Dual Function Lazer Stiks: Flash or Steady On DC'd *Limited to Stock on Hand
The Lazer Stik can be seen from over 2 Km / 1.2 Miles and switched from Steady-On to Flashing Mode by simply flipping the battery.


 Finger Lights


 Mike Light/Lip Lights


Infrared Spotlights, Flashlights





 Phoenix, Phoenix Jr., SynchroIR Beacons


 IFF Glo-Tape/Combat ID

TIP (Thermal Identification Panels)


Customized Kits to your specifications. Tell us what you need and we'll make it!

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