bulletIdeal for Scout Rifles, Bows, Carbines and Competition Pistols
bulletParallax- free – No centering required
bulletUnaffected by sub-zero temperatures
bulletEasy to Mount (30mm Wide Rings fits all Weaver Bases)
bulletNo Hazardous Materials
bulletMechanical Switch for Speed and Reliability
bulletNo Laser Emission that could be harmful to your eyes
bulletAvailable in 2 dot sizes (2 or 4 MOA)
bulletSubmersible to 15'
bulletACET Technology giving up to 50,000 hrs of use on one battery



11402 CompC3, 4 MOA
11421 CompC3, 2 MOA
11412 CompC3 2X, 2 MOA
Prices Subject to change without notice.

Aimpoint red dot sights are manufactured with the greatest care and precision from the best materials and components available. They are designed for use in the real world, and can handle rough treatment and all imaginable weather conditions. With the variety of models available, there is an Aimpoint sight for virtually every type of firearm.

For a sight and a gun to function as a reliable unit year after year, it is important that the mounting is done professionally and the mounting rings and bases are of high quality. An important detail that is often overlooked is the fact that the mounts and rings must be precisely aligned for best performance with any optical sight. The new generation of Aimpoint sights incorporates a very generous range of adjustment, which allows the user to compensate for any misalignment between the barrel, action and mounting hardware.


Optical DATA
System Parallax Free, Reflex, Collimator System
Magnification (1X) or Fixed 2 Power Lens for 2X
Eye relief Unlimited, No centering required
Reticle, size1 Red dot, dia. (1, 2 or 4 MOA)
Optical coating Anti Reflex coating all surfaces. Multi-layer coating for reflection of red light.
Battery Type (1) 3 Volt Lithium DL1/3N2
Battery Life 50,000 hours at setting 7 out of 10
Dot Brightness 10 positions, Off, 1-9 Daylight, 1 Ex Bright
Material housing Extruded high strength aluminum
Surface finish Anodized Black, non glare
Material lens covers Polymer, black
Adjustment 1 click = 10 mm at 80 meters = 13 mm at 100 meters = ½" at 100 yds
Mounting 2 rings, 30 mm diameter
Length 125 mm (4.9")
Width/height 55 mm (2.2")
Ring width 30 mm
Weight 200g (7.1 oz)
Temperature Range -30ºC to +60ºC (-20ºF to +140ºF)
Water resistance  5m (15ft) water depth
1MOA (Minute Of Angle)
1 MOA = 30 mm at 100 meters = 1" at 100 yards
All models beside Aimpoint CompC SM have the new CETechnology.
Dimensions and weights for the 7000L are given with Flip-Up Lens Covers

Lithium DL 1/3N, 3V Battery

Aimpoint Accessories  Rings and Mounts
These Aimpoint sights originally used (2) 1.5-volt mercury batteries. Due to pollution concerns, the mercury batteries have been legislated out of existence by many governments. The replacement battery is a single 3-volt lithium battery. The polarity of the lithium battery is opposite of the polarity of the older mercury batteries. So the new battery must be inserted in the opposite direction. Also there is a plastic coating on the outside of the battery, which must be removed before the battery is inserted into the battery compartment of Mk III sights.


Aimpoint CompC3
Specifically designed to use whenever you need a compact sight, Aimpoint’s CompC3 is the lightest sight in its class. It is perfect for those up-close, short-range hunting and shooting conditions that demand extreme accuracy and speed. Like most Aimpoint® sights, the CompC3 works under all weather conditions, from the polar ice caps to the tropics.
* Available in 2 MOA or 4 MOA dot sizes
* Submersible to 15' (5 Meters)
*Available in a fixed 2X Version (below)

Aimpoint CompC3 2X
These sights are identical to the basic models, but are equipped with a fixed 2-power lens system that provides low magnification for increased range while maintaining unlimited eye relief and rapid target acquisition.
* Available in 1 MOA or 2 MOA dot sizes
* Submersible to 15' (5 Meters)
*Available in a 1X Version (above)

Click here for a full list of Accessories


Flip-Up Lens Cover, Front
30mm CET sights (not 2X)



Killflash ARD, Not for 2X
(Old P/N: 10345)



Double Battery Module, Sleeve, Cap and Strap,
Not for 2X

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